In Honor of Mother’s Day – Mare Protects Foal from Stallions

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Human, horse, dog – any mom deserves to be recognized. Thank you for all you do to protect us, encourage us and love us. Moms are quite amazing and it seems that their strengths knows no bounds.

Horse moms, like all others, are fiercely protective of their foals. See what happens when a band of wild stallions try to get between this mare and her baby. Video curtesy of Al Perry Nature Photography . They write “On July 4, 2015 a foal was born named Patriot in the mountains of Montana. Before the newborn could walk, a band of bachelor wild mustang stallions attempted to claim the mare which just minutes before had given birth to Patriot. What follows is the mare’s attempt to protect its foal from the advances of bachelor wild mustang stallions.”