Indonesia’s Horse Library

Luna the Library

Luna the horse and her owner Ridwan Sururi are tackling illiteracy in Indonesia one book at a time. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the pair  head out to the local villages, books in tow.

Luna Indonesia , Horse Library

Ridwan is from a small village in Indonesia, at the foots of the Slamet Volcano. He owns several animals and is a horse caretaker, however since 2014 he has started another gig as a mobile librarian. Kudapustaka, as it’s called, came from Sururi talking to a fellow equine enthusiast, Nirwan Arsuka. The two decided to do something that would have a positive impact on the youth and their country.

In 2004 Indonesia reported an adult illiteracy rate of 15.4 million and has been taking steps to bring that down. In 2015 the rate decreased to 5.9 million.

With a cause in mind the two developed a plan. Arsuka donated 136 children’s books while Sururi donated a horse and his time. Sururi and Luna travel from to local villages and schools, sharing their books and encouraging children to read more.

Indonesian kids reading

With the help of local coverage and social media, Indonesia’s horse library has now has over 1,000 books. To read more about Kudapustaka, check out this article .