What to Wear – Horseback Riding Outfit

Group Trail Ride

So you and your friends decided to go on a horse riding excursion. Sounds great until you realize you have no idea what to wear horseback riding. Having the right horseback riding outfit can make all the difference in experience.

The Essentials to the Perfect Horseback Riding Outfit


You could go all out and buy a pair of riding pants for fairly cheap, see some options here, here and here. (if you’re going that route save $5 at Horse Loverz with this link)

Jeans are always a good choice. Its best to pick ones that are more form fitting so they don’t bunch up and chafe your leg. Skinny jeans are perfect, but make sure you can actually breathe and move around. Those J Brand jeans probably look amazing but if you can’t even sit in them you’re going to be miserable. If you are looking to pick up a cheap pair for the trip check out these from H&M.

Leggings are another option. Coming from someone who finds a way to wear leggings to every event heed my warning when I say they may not be the best choice. You can certainly wear them and be fine but I find that your butt will slip around in the saddle a lot more than if you were in jeans. Depending on what kind of riding you’re doing and how comfortable you’re on the horse it may not make much a difference. If you’re going the leggings route pick ones that are thick enough so they provide some protection against the saddle and won’t easily rip.


Tops are the easy part. You can pretty much wear any shirt you’re comfortable in but I have a few tips from experience.

  1. Don’t wear something too low cut. Remember you’re are going to be doing a lot of movement  and bouncing here between getting on and off the horse and riding around. You don’t want to have to keep adjusting your shirt or worrying about a red carpet moment.
  2. You’ll be more comfortable in something a little tighter. It doesn’t have to be Under Armor tight but loose flowy shirts get annoying when horseback riding. They always somehow end up under your butt and then you’re choking yourself (maybe thats just me?) or you get too hot and they stretch out even more.
  3. If layering go with zipper or button layers that you don’t have take off over your head. Most likely you’ll be wearing a helmet or headwear of some sort, having to take that off and then disrobe while on the horse is going to be annoying. A simple zip up hoodie or jacket is the perfect layer.
  4. Finally, a sports bra is probably a good choice. You’ll be much more comfortable, I promise.


combat boots

A big component of a comfortable horseback riding outfit is the shoes. There is a good chance you’ll be walking through mud, gravel and sand, shoes that have good traction are a the best choice. Also some sort of heel will help your foot stay in the stirrups.

Paddock boots are a more professional choice, however they have also come into fashion so you might actually have a pair.

Riding boots and combat boots are also a fashionable choice that you may have already.

Sneakers will work and are comfortable, especially if you aren’t doing anything too crazy.


Depending on where you are the stable may require you to wear some sort of riding helmet for safety reasons. Usually they will provide a few options for you to try on. Find a helmet that fits snug, it shouldn’t be too tight that it’s painful but it shouldn’t move to much when on your head.

Some places the helmet is your choice, if you opt out of wearing a helmet a hat may still be a good idea. A hat will keep the hair out of your face and be more comfortable than sunglasses.


Jewelry – Leave the jewelry at home, it will be annoying and there’s a good chance of losing it.

Bags – You’ll want to bring a bag to keep your phone, water, etc. in. Honestly, the most comfortable choice is fanny pack. Hear me out, a fanny pack won’t get in your way when you’re riding and everything will be easily accessible. Here are some fashionable(ish) options here and a ton of options here

Sunglasses – Sunglasses may be more of hassle. Again it depends how intense the ride will be but sunglasses could easily for off or break. The hat will be a better option to block the sun.


Here is some horseback riding outfit inspiration. Follow the basic outline and you’ll fit right in!

horseback riding outfit


simple horse riding outfit

horse riding outfit plaid

French inspired riding outfit