The 4 Budget Horse Halters You Should Have in Your Tack Trunk

Cheap horse halters doesn’t have to mean cheap quality, it is possible to find quality horse equipment at great prices and I will prove it! Below is a list of budget friendly halters for sale that have proven their worth to me. No more spending tons of money only to have your halter break or get stolen the week later.

Cheap halter but great quality – exactly what I needed. These nylon halters are only adjustable on the crown but as a basic stable halter I find it fits most of the equines in barn.


Blue Nylon Stable Halter

A little more adjustability here, this is my go to if I need something to fit a smaller/larger head. I also love the colors that these halters come in.
 Weaver Leather Basic Halter
I can’t forget the little guys. Again, this miniature horse halter is only adjustable on the crown but I havent had any issues. As proof of durability – I walked in to find one of the minis gnawing on this halter a few weeks ago and it’s still holding up!
 Mini horse halter

Tough 1 Tough-1 Knotted Rope & Twisted Crown Training Halter

I don’t typically use a rope halters but sometimes with horse training the adjustability and the amount of feel you get from a rope halter comes in handy. This one is has four knots so it fits a variety of sizes and the rope isn’t too stiff.

Tough 1 Rope Halter